Integration of Dioriga Gas into strategic investments

399 days ago

We are happy to announce that our FSRU project “DIORYGA GAS” has been characterized as “Strategic Investment” under the Law for Strategic Investments Framework (Law 4864/2021 (A’ 237)).

The General Directorate of Strategic Investments of the Ministry of Development and Investments, after the decision of the D.E.S.E. (Inter-ministerial Committee of Strategic Investments) regarding the characterization of the investment proposal as strategic, thus benefiting from fast track procedures, will enable and accelerate the process to obtain all necessary licenses and permits for its implementation. ,The departments and services of the State responsible for issuing licenses, as well as the bodies of the General Government of Law 4270/2014 (A’ 143), are obliged to provide, as an absolute priority, any necessary assistance to facilitate the exercise of the powers of the above.

Please find attached relevant decision of D.E.S.E as published in the Official Government Gazette on 3/4/2023.