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Dioriga Gas FRSU is a project about a Floating LNG Storage and Regasification terminal in the area of Agioi Theodoroi.


As the world moves forward, so do we.

LNG offers a cleaner and energy-efficient alternative.

Lowest-cost energy sources are available at every corner of Greece through ssLNG. The increased use of trucks that transport LNG will enable natural gas suppliers to tap into industrial and domestic gas demand. Especially in places which are not connected to gas grids, such as the Peloponnese and the islands.


Signing of Advanced Reservation of Capacity Agreement (ARCA) between DESFA and Dioriga Gas – Wednesday June 16th 2021

The first important step has been made for the construction of the connections between the FSRU of Dioriga Gas and the National Natural Gas Transmission System (NNGTS), owned and operated by DESFA.


The Project

Dioriga Gas Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) will  anchored offshore, south-west of Motor Oil’s refinery in Agioi Theodoroi near Corinth, located 65 km west from Athens.

The planned storage capacity of the unit is up to 210,000 m3, with regasification capacity of 132,000 MWhs/d and an annual projected demand of 2.5 bcm of natural gas.

About The Project

Dioriga’s Contribution

Strengthen security of gas supply at a national and European level.

Enhance anticipated interconnections of the NNGS with neighboring
gas systems.

Hydrogen ready with new technology applications so that Dioriga Gas be considered a catalyst for a sustainable and rapid transition to cleaner energy.

Provide additional liquidity to the LNG market with immediate effect on lower energy prices to households.

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The Project Offers

Dioriga Gas Floating Storage Dioriga Gas terminal will offer flexible and competitive services to LNG users in a variety of products.

Latest News about The Project

The project is currently under the commercial strategy development to finalize the capacity products and tariffs, in order to set up the binding phase of Market Test by the end of 2021. The Front End Engineering Development (FEED) and Licensing completion is on the move simultaneously.

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