Invitation for submission of binding offers to the Market Test

594 days ago

On 27/10/2022, RAE approved the Binding Phase Notice and the accompanying documents for the submission of binding offers for capacity booking on the Dioriga FSRU LNG import terminal, developed and implemented by Dioriga Gas S.A., a 100% subsidiary of MOTOR OIL (HELLAS).

It is noted that both the companies that participated in the first, non-binding, expression of interest phase of the market test, which was completed in January 2022, as well as those that did not participate, are eligible to participate in the binding market test phase, as per the terms and conditions of the Binding Phase Guidelines (accessible here).

As per the registration process that is described in the Registration Manual (accessible here), the participants to the binding phase of the market test receive the Binding Phase Notice and the accompanying documents which contain, among others, the product description and the capacity allocation process, the pro-forma of the participation bid bond, the ARCA security, the indicative tariff and the estimated Commercial Operation Date of Dioriga terminal.

It is highlighted that the deadline for submitting binding offers for all parties participating in the Binding Phase of the Market Test is 15/12/2022.

The binding offers to reserve capacity on the Dioriga terminal are expected to highlight the importance of this infrastructure for enhancing the security of supply of Greece and the wider region at competitive prices and without geopolitical constraints.