Dioriga Gas FSRU Market Test extension

923 days ago

Dioriga Gas FSRU Expression of Interest deadline amended.

On December 6th 2021, Dioriga Gas announces the amendment of Expression of Interest Deadline as shown in below table. The EoI deadline shall mean 14th of January 2022, by which the Expression of Interest Form (EoI Form) in Exhibit II shall be submitted by interested parties to be considered valid.

StageExisting DeadlineProposed Deadline
Start of EoI PhaseOctober 22nd , 2021October 22nd , 2021
Deadline of Request for ClarificationsΝovember 5th, 2021Νovember 5th, 2021
Expression of Interest DeadlineDecember 10th, 2021January 14th, 2022
Summary of results evaluation by Dioriga Gas to Authorities (In accordance with Article 7 of the Guidelines)December 15th, 2021January 21th, 2022
Dioriga Gas informs participantsDecember 24th, 2021January 28th, 2022

For further information please visit https://dioriga.gr/legal-regulatory-framework/expression-of-interest-phase/