Press Release: Dioriga Gas FSRU Market Test launch

998 days ago

Dioriga Gas FSRU Market Test launch

October 19th 2021 – Dioriga Gas launches the 1st phase of the Market test for reserving capacity and  rest offered services on the Dioriga Gas FSRU Terminal, in accordance with the «Guidelines for management and allocation of capacity on the “Dioriga” Independent Natural Gas System (Dioriga Floating Storage Regasification Unit)», that were approved by the Regulatory Authority,  according to paragraph 6 of article 36 of Directive 2009/73/EC”. Dioriga Gas invites all interested parties, such as producers, traders and large consumers from Greece and South East Europe, to submit their interest in reserving capacities and services to the new FSRU terminal.

Dioriga Gas

DIORIGA GAS FSRU is a national-wide project developed by MOTOR OIL Group, located at about 70 km away from Athens, in the area “Agioi Theodori” of the Regional District of Corinth. It consists of an LNG Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) to be connected to the National Natural Gas Transmission System (NNGTS) aiming to facilitate consumers to Greece and regional countries through an additional major natural gas gateway.

Dioriga Gas will be an open and flexible LNG import infrastructure aiming to:

  • Enhance availability of flexible energy supply sources.
  • Ensure competitive natural gas prices.
  • Increase the storage capacity of the Greek natural gas system by 80% thus, enhancing the country’s security of supply. The importance of increasing LNG storage capacity can be seen in times, such as nowadays, when crisis in international markets is causing energy cost increase. An additional LNG terminal can secure country’s energy sufficiency at the lowest possible cost to the final consumer.
  • Promote natural gas in every corner of the country and region and in every home through small scale LNG (ssLNG) trucks.  Dioriga Gas FSRU will be the second southern natural gas import gateway at the southern area of Greece where the largest proportion (70%) of overall gas demand is concentrated due to gas-fired power plants and big industrial users.
  • Facilitate increased demand for natural gas due to new power plants and emerging natural gas markets such as small scale LNG in Greece and Balkans, constantly contributing to the European and national strategy for the reduction of carbon emissions in the industrial and maritime sector.
  • Introduce hydrogen and renewable gases, so that the Dioriga Gas will be considered a pioneering force in the transition to the new era using cleaner energy sources.

For further information Dioriga will publish all necessary information, instructions and documents for the Expression of Interest procedure under Legal and Regulatory Framework category