The First phase of the Market Test for Dioriga Gas was successfully completed

824 days ago

The first phase – non-binding – of the Market Test for the reservation of regasification capacity and other LNG products, developed by Motor Oil Group, in Agios Theodoros, was completed with great success, on January 14, 2022.

15 Greek & International companies submitted the expression of interest. The quantities of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) that were committed during the non binding phase for all the products offered and for the first five years of operation of FSRU, were more than double the estimates of the Group, proving the importance of this investment.  

Dioriga Gas FSRU is a strategic project, of national and international interest, acting as a new import facility delivering natural gas to end consumers in Greece and regional area.

The process of the first – non-binding – phase of the Market Test was carried out under the supervision of the Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE).

The project is moving towards to the next – binding – Market Test phase following any necessary regulatory approval.